Argentine legislation establishes a benefit regarding the refund of VAT to non-resident tourists, which implies in fact that the VAT tax (21%) will not be collected, only on the accommodation service or bed and breakfast, if the latter It is included in the rate, and if the following conditions are met:

  1. a) Prove your status as a non-resident foreign tourist, for which those who enter with a passport must prove their status as non-residents, either through a passport stamped upon entry into the country or with immigration documentation that proves this(itcan be downloaded from the website of the migration department the proof of entry into the country from the site: ). If they are tourists coming from neighboring countries, they must discharge it as previously indicated.
  2. b) They must pay for their stay with a credit or debit card not issued in Argentina, or by currency transfer from an account abroad, provided that the final beneficiary of the benefit is unequivocally identified.


IMPORTANT: To be considered tourists, the stay must not exceed 90 days in the country, so if, according to the passport or proof of migration of entry to the country,if this period is exceeded, a new immigration procedure must be carried out or refundwill not take place.

In the case of not presenting or late cancellation, the accommodation,the plusof  21% VAT will be charged.